Audiometry / Spirometry / OSHA Respirator

On-Site Testing Available

Audio1Audiometric Testing

Audiometry is the testing of hearing ability commonly performed for pre-employment baseline, annual, and exit purposes by employers with workers exposed to noisy environments or where hearing is an imperative function to one’s job functions. Our trained technicians use a certified audiometer that is calibrated in accordance with applicable regulations.The test begins with instructions about the testing procedure and commences immediately after. Upon completion of the test the information gathered is presented on an audiogram for interpretation.

spirometer1Spirometry Testing (Pulmonary Function Testing – PFT)

Spirometry is the most common type of lung function test used among employers who have workers that are required to wear respirators. Spirometry is performed by breathing into a mouthpiece that is attached to our spirometer  device.  Evaluation of the results can help determine what level of work the participant can perform safely while wearing a respirator.

FormsRespiratory Questionnaire with PLHCP written Statement

Our respiratory questionnaire is a detailed review of medical history and conditions that is designed to qualify your employee fit to wear a respirator.

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