On-Site Testing

Quality Screening

Every drug and alcohol screen is performed by C-DAT’s certified collectors and, is conducted in accordance with federal regulations. Following these regulations insures integrity and security (putting the fears of adulteration and substitution of a specimen at ease.)


Keep more money in your pocket when your company needs on-site drug testing by choosing C-DAT. Affordable on-site testing combined with our expertise in drug screening is a win-win for your bottom line.

With on-site testing there is minimal interruption in the daily work routine and no unnecessary costs of paying an employee to go to an off-site collection facility.


Our trained collectors are not only focused on the integrity of the drug screening process but the time it takes to perform the collections. The average collection time of a single, uneventful, urine drug screen is 8-10 minutes and only 6-8 minutes for a single, uneventful, breath alcohol screen.

Allow us to administer your drug and alcohol program (regulated or non-regulated) to insure fast turn-around time for results and dedicated friendly service you expect from a service agent.

  • Employees can continue to work until they are ready for testing and return to work immediately upon completion
  • No hassle or concern of providing transportation for an employee to the drug testing facility.
  • No more lost time due to travel, traffic delays or shy bladder

Does on-site testing sound like the solution for your company?
Give us a call to obtain a price quote.

(Please have the following information available.)

How many employees need to be drug tested?
How many shifts need to be drug tested?
How far away are you from the collection site?
Do you have a secured area for a testing?
Do you need drug testing in more than one location?

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