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C-DAT is a Recognized Consultant for the CAPUC Controlled Substance & Alcohol Testing Certification Program

CAPUCApplying for a CAPUC Passenger Carrier Permit?

Dissatisfied with the lack of customer service with your existing Program Administrator?

Overwhelmed by the rather large CAPUC application?

C-DAT is recognized by the California Public Utilities Commission as a consultant who offers the services that are required by the testing certification program. So let us help take the stress and uncertainty out of staying compliant with the state’s strict drug and alcohol program requirements. We’re familiar with all regulations and processes surrounding the CAPUC’s required Controlled Substance & Alcohol Testing Certification Program.

The California Public Utilities Commission requires that all charter-party and private passenger carrier applicants (new and renewal) who propose to employ any driver who will operate a vehicle having a seating capacity of 15 persons or less, including the driver, meet the following:

Education Materials

explains the requirements of Part 382 of Title 49 of the CFR and the PUC’s General Order to all covered drivers.

A Written Company Policy

explains the company’s policies surrounding drug and alcohol use and testing to all covered drivers.

Supervisor Training

trains supervisors to determine whether reasonable suspicion exists to require a driver to undergo testing (Part 382.603).

On-Going Random Testing Program

Random, unannounced drug and alcohol testing of each covered employee. Each covered employee must have an equal chance of being selected. Selections made by C-DAT are performed by a computer-generated scientific method.

Pre-Employment Testing

Prior to the first time a driver performs safety-sensitive functions for an employer, the driver shall undergo testing for controlled substances.

Post Accident Testing

As soon as practicable following an occurrence involving a commercial motor vehicle operating on a public road in commerce, each employer shall test for controlled substances and alcohol for each of its surviving drivers.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

An employer shall require a driver to submit to a controlled substance and/or an alcohol test when the employer has reasonable suspicion to believe that the driver has violated the prohibitions of the DOT Regulations 49 CFR §382 Subpart B. The observation for reasonable suspicion must be made by a trained supervisor according to §382.603.

Return-to-Duty / Follow-Up

Refer to 49 CFR Part 40 Subpart O for specifics on Return-to-Duty / Follow Up Testing.

Employee Assistance Program

in the event an employee tests positive or requests help in overcoming an addiction employers can provide the name and contact information of a Substance Abuse Professional.
C-DAT is a recognized CAPUC consultant that offers all of the aforementioned services to you. After reviewing this packet fill out all fields completely and legibly then return completed packet to C-DAT. Should you have any questions or need assistance do not hesitate to contact us.


Charter-party carriers who employ any driver, who operate a vehicle with a seating capacity of 16 persons or more, including the driver, must comply with the federal regulations concerning controlled substance and alcohol testing for those drivers. C-DAT offers compliance for employers who fall under these requirements as well, please inform our accounts department that you employ a driver who fits this category.

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