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dot-logoC-DAT’s DOT Random Program follows all of the Department of Transportation regulations and guidelines insuring your company’s compliance. It takes a dedicated, passionate Program Administrator to not only deliver compliance but to provide on-going support, education and personalized service.

That is exactly why C-DAT offers you:

Employer DOT Handbook

A comprehensive, “one-stop-shop” of information regarding your company’s DOT Drug and Alcohol program that includes an understandable snapshot of the DOT Regulations. (printable .pdf)

Company Certificate of Enrollment

Show the DOT you’re in compliance with a great-looking company certificate of enrollment.

Employee Education Materials

The DOT requires that your employees be educated about the processes involved with being enrolled in a random program.

Nationwide Collection Sites

We understand you may not always be able to report to the same facility for testing. That’s why we have established a vast network of collection sites to keep you compliant on-the-go.

Certified Laboratories

As required by Federal Law we utilize only the highest standard of state-of-the-art labs for testing. SAMHSA/NIDA, DHHS.

Supervisor Training

DOT requires your supervisors be knowledgeable in many areas of the DOT Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing regulations. Our in-depth online training will arm your supervisors with the information they need and meets DOT requirements.

Medical Review Officers (MROs)

Accredited Medical Review Officers handle every one of your results to help close the loop on the testing process. Once the MRO has reviewed the results you can receive them in one of many convenient methods.

End-to-End Program Administration

We are with you every step of the way regarding your random program testing. We help handle record-keeping, “heads-up” action required situations, and on-going support.

Prepaid Random Testing

All initial random tests are included in your enrollment fee; that includes collections, materials, forms, shipping costs, and results when you use our authorized sites. Fees apply for re-tests and other non-random screens please contact us for additional information.

Not sure which agency you’re regulated by? Check out the guide below or call us!
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    • Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration


    • Commercial Drivers License (CDL) holders who operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle.
    • Federal Aviation Administration


    • Flight crew, flight attendants, flight instructors; air traffic controllers at facilities not operated by the FAA or under contract to the U.S. military; aircraft dispatchers; aircraft maintenance or preventative maintenance personnel; ground security coordinators and aviation screeners.
    • Federal Railroad Administration


    • Persons who perform duties subject to the Hours of Service laws; such as, locomotive engineers, trainmen, conductors, switchmen, locomotive hostlers/helpers, utility employees, signalmen, operators and train dispatchers.
    • Federal Transit Administration


    • Operators of revenue service vehicles, CDL-holding operators of non-revenue service vehicles, vehicle controllers, revenue service vehicle mechanics, firearm-carrying security personnel.
    • Pipeline


    • Persons who perform operations, maintenance, or emergency response function on a pipeline or LNG facility regulated under part 192, 193, or 195
    • United States Coast Guard


    • Crew members operating a commercial vessel. Maritime.
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