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About Drug Testing

DOT Drug Testing

Federal regulated employers, owner-operators, and other entities must comply with the strict regulations set forth by their respective agency (i.e. FMCSA, USCG, FAA, FTA, FRA, and PHMSA). C-DAT is a leader in DOT Drug Testing offering consortium services that take the confusion and stress out of keeping compliant with applicable laws and regulations. Contact us today regarding a Department of Transportation Compliant Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.

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Employee Drug Testing (non-DOT)

Employers who are not regulated by the DOT have more flexibility in getting their employees screened for substances including prescription drugs, alcohol, and more. We understand your business needs to run efficiently and a drug free workplace is an important stepping stone to a happy, productive and safe work environment. C-DAT is equipped to customize a Drug-Free Workplace Testing Program for any business, any size.
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Hair Testing

The detection window for Hair Testing is one the most extensive for drug testing. In depth analysis of the hair can detect substance use up to 120 days or more.
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Alcohol Testing

C-DAT offers Alcohol testing through urinalysis, breath, and saliva. Detection windows may vary. C-DAT uses the Alco Sensor IV, a US Department of Transportation approved device for Breath Alcohol Testing.
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Teen Drug Testing

C-DAT strives to provide affordable Teen Drug Testing for our community. No parent wants their child to experience the pit falls of drug use; C-DAT offers confidential, accurate, rapid results. Allow us to help in the steps of substance detection.
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On-Site Testing

Convenience matters. C-DAT offers on-site testing for employers who require their employees be tested.
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Drug Testing Collection Services

Some clients choose to contract their drug tests to another laboratory and medical review officer. In this instance C-DAT can operate as a convenient collection facility for your drug testing needs.

Laboratory Custody and Control Form, collection kits, air-bills, and company’s protocol may be required in these cases.

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