Physical Examinations

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Commercial Driver’s License Exam

Looking to obtain or renew your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)? C-DAT can perform DMV/DOT Medical Examinations. Learn More

P.P.D. (Purified Protein Derivative) Skin Test

A method used to diagnose tuberculosis (TB). PPD Screens typically begin by cleansing the forearm with rubbing alcohol. The PPD extract is then injected under the top layer of the skin, causing a welt to form on the skin. This welt usually goes away in a few hours. The reaction can take up to 48-72 hours to develop. The treated area is then examined to determine if the participant has had a significant reaction. This reaction is measured in millimeters of firm swelling (induration) at the sight of the injection.

Pre-Employment / Exit Exams

C-DAT offers customizable physical examinations for employers who wish to qualify their prospective/existing employees for specific job functions:


Office workers or machine operators who are in the seated position for an extended amount of time on a daily basis.


Warehouse or field workers whose job responsibilities are not excessive or extremely physically demanding.


Workers who’s job responsibilities require consistent physical demand by using great exertion or vigorous movement (i.e.: moving, lifting, carrying heavy items or equipment).

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