Immigration Testing

Do you need help bringing in your family?
img011111Immigration TestingThe 2003 U.S. Census estimates that approximately 33.5 million foreign-born people live in the United States. United States Citizens, lawful permanent residents of the United States can petition for their Spouses, Parents, Children or Siblings to immigrate to the United States. Paternity DNA Testing is often a critical part of the USA Immigration Requirements. A Paternity Test and or a Maternity Test may be required. In some cases Relationship DNA Testing may be required. Such as a: Sibling DNA Test, Grandparents DNA Testing, etc. Paternity Results confirm and establish proof of a biological relationship.
Complete your DNA Immigration Test in 5 Easy Steps
  1. Call us at (707) 643-3894.
  2. A Referral Specialist will collect your information and set up a DNA
    collection appointment for the person living in the United States.
  3. We will priority ship a DNA collection kit to the Embassy/USCIS office for
    the Beneficiary(s) appointment.
  4. We will priority ship the Beneficiary(s) DNA samples from the Embassy/USCIS
    to our Laboratory.
  5. We will ship the DNA results to the Embassy/USCIS office within 2 days of
    receiving the Beneficiary(s) samples
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