Employee Drug Testing

Drug Free Workplace Testing Program

  • Mandated Programs for Employers

CA PUC Passenger Carriers • CHP Tow Rotation

Government / Private Contract Requirements

Whether you’re brand new to mandated testing programs or looking for a change C-DAT can easily get you up and running and on to what you do best – taking care of business. Our multitude of programs meet any agency (state, federal, etc.) requirements. Most mandated programs follow the DOT [49 CFR Part 40] regulations and guidelines. Often times these programs require at least some, if not all of the following:

Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Pre-Employment
  • Random
  • Post Accident
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Return-to-Duty
  • Follow Up
Scientifically Valid Random Selection Program
  • Meeting or exceeding minimum rates
  • Example: 50% Drug | 10% Alcohol
Company Policy for Drug/Alcohol Testing Program
  • Outlining requirements
  • Consequences for violations
Supervisor Training for Reasonable Suspicion/Cause
  • Recognize, handle, and document situations
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • For employees seeking assistance with drug and/or alcohol dependency
Non-Mandated Employers

Employers who are not subject to state or other agency requirements have more flexibility when implementing a Drug Free Workplace Testing Program. These programs can be tailored to your business’ specific needs or policies and implemented as you need them. There is a wide range of panels to be utilized at your disposal that can be specifically designed for any situation you may encounter. The importance of a Drug Free Workplace has grown exponentially over the years – don’t let your business become negatively affected by someone who is using controlled substances or abusing alcohol.

Why you should test your employees
  • Deter employees from abusing substances
  • Prevent hiring individuals who use drugs
  • Identify abusers and refer them to help
  • Provide safe workplace for employees
  • Protect general public
  • Instill consumer confidence
Reasons to Test an Employee
  • Pre-Employment
  • Periodic / Random
  • Post Accident / Incident
  • Reasonable Suspicion
Available Testing Modes
  • Urine Screening
  • Saliva / Oral Fluid
  • Hair Follicle Testing
  • Finger/Toe Nail
  • Breath Alcohol
Available Panels
  • Commonly Abused Substances
  • Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs
  • Other Specialty Panels
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